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Free Ringtones for US Cellular

Free Ringtones for US CellularIf something is free, it’s all up for grabs. No one can say no to the allure of a free gift.To alert us if someone sent a text message, email, or if we are receiving a call, our phone is set to play a specific tone, melody or song. This is the called the ‘ring tone’ although it’s not limited to ringing. There are preset tones available when you buy a phone but a lot of owners prefer a customized style or a song to suit their individual tastes and preferences. Even for their contacts, they put specific music to represent that contact’s personality, added with

I know someone who uses Jenny of Click 5 as ring tone for his sister and Barbie Girl of Aqua for his mom. I told him that it’s easy to get why he used Jenny (because his sister’s nickname is Jenny) but Barbie Girl and mother didn’t quite rhyme. He told me it was because it was his mom’s favorite song.

You can download ringtones or MP3 music from different websites either for a fee or you can get it for free. At, they offer a variety of music for your phone or tablet free.They support almost all of the wireless providers in the country. What’s more fun here is that you can create your own ringtones that you can share with the other users. You just have to sign-up (also easy and free) so you can have access to the website. There are other websites that you can visit for wider range of tones where you can choose from. Zedge not only offers ringtones but also free wallpapers and games app. You can download it directly to your phone. Go visit Another is Myxer ( where you can play around with different types of music. Whatever you choose, go have fun with it.