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Facts about Bald Eagles – What kids need to know?

Bald eagle will always be popular because of its unique white head, hooked yellow beak and brown body. Basically, the bald eagle turned out to be national emblem. This is true for the United States of America ever since the year 1782. It started way back in the 1950s. This was made a symbol of the patriotism of most Americans. This started to happen because of the dramatic change in numbers with the utilization of the chemical DDT. This was observed after an effort directed towards rigorous conservation. This was undertaken by that of the United States government. Since then, the bald eagle was able to rejuvenate in population. It was even able to continue its one good role in being the US’ national bird.

The wing span of the bird is 2m. This may be converted to 7 ft. As for its weight, it may reach for about 3 to 7 kg. This is 7 to 15 in lbs. Overall – its size may reach that of 71 to 96 cm. With that said, the bald eagle will always be one of the largest raptors found on the whole world. This is a kind of record they would have under their name. This is not surprising too.

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Basically, their habitat would have to be near the source of water. These bald eagles are always seen feasting on ducks, snakes, turtles and even that of fish. These can also eat rabbits, dead animals and even that of muskrats. They do this by using their acute sense. This is directed towards their powerful talons and sight. Most of the time, bald eagles will attack their own prey. They will do this by swooping down on their angle. This is how their process has been. Speeds may also be reached by them. This may be at around 160 km per hour, or 100 mph at the most. Once they have a pretty captured, they can use their booked beak in order for the flesh to be pulled. They will undertake this prior to eating.

Needless to say, bald eagles have the ability to reach great heights whenever they fly off the sky. They can do this because there are currents on their thermal convection. They are also popular for having the innate capacity to climb even up to 3000 m or that of 10,000 ft. They can glide through the air in this rate. They may also soar for certain hours with the present of their currents. Whenever they are in the midst of cruising, they will fly for about 65 km per hour. This may be at around 40 mph.

As the source of water freezes, the bald eagles are seen to be using their thermal convention. The currents are directed towards their migration during the winter. As they turn 4 to at least 5 years old, the bald eagles are most likely to select their mating partner. This is also expected of them. They undergo the courtship procedure which is another reality of their lives.